Who Are We?

Our focus is aimed at understanding the motivations and needs of your target audience. This is the heart of our creative development process. We know how to synchronize your message and value proposition with these motivations, needs and interests of your target audience(s).

More often than not, we advocate a segmented approach where different messages and offers are directed to discrete segments of your customer or prospect universe.

One-size-fits-all communications are yesterday’s solutions, not today’s! Don’t settle for them.

Our Strengths

FLEXIBLE You, our client, set the scope of our engagement. It can be for a simple marketing list rental, or complete multi-channel marketing program.

We offer a full spectrum of marketing services — from strategic planning to creative development to post promotion analysis. We offer them a la carte. This way clients receive and pay only for the service(s) desired.

AFFORDABLE We deliver high performance solutions at low costs. How? 1. We operate with modest overhead and operating budgets. 2. We cultivate a community of trusted, low cost suppliers of printed material, creative services and programming. 3. We use aggressive bidding practices to keep supplier costs in check. 4. We treat our client’s budget as carefully as we spend our own money.

SUCCESSFUL We have over 30 years of experience in the effective use of postal mail to build business. Whether you need to acquire ‘new blood’ … to renew, cross-sell or upsell existing customers or donors … or to strengthen bonds or loyalty, we have the know-how and expertise to do it right, on time and on budget.


We succeed only when you do

Harold Pratt President

Harold is your primary contact. He has over 45 years of experience in marketing communications.

Mary Pratt Creative Chief

Mary is creative director and copy chief.