Email Marketing

Pratt Direct possesses over a decade of experience with creating, deploying and managing email marketing campaigns. We can apply this expertise and show you how to drive higher response and increase engagement with this powerful and affordable medium.

Whether your goal is to raise donations, promote advocacy, build awareness or improve volunteer participation, our advice and service lets you avoid costly mistakes and meet your communication goals with minimal effort and expense on your part.

Email audience development

We know how to grow your email list organically and cold-list rental. As a fully accredited and experienced marketing list broker, we can find the right sources of prospect names for you. It costs you nothing to request and receive recommendations from us.

Pay Per Click

We create and ‘optimize’ high-performance Pay Per Click programs for non-profit organizations. We understand and follow the best practices in organizing Adwords and Bing Ads accounts, and fine-tuning keywords, bids and ads to meet client objectives.

Managing successful PPC (paid search) campaigns is a process of continuous improvements. It requires a thorough knowledge of Google and Microsoft’s search platforms, web design technology, general marketing expertise, and a clear understanding of your organization and its mission(s). Harmonizing these elements is the key to our success.


We help you achieve top SEO results on top search engines by leveraging the main elements common to most successful SEO initiatives:

– Web Page Optimization – Compelling design enhanced with ‘behind the scenes details’ to help make them rank highly with search engines. To see for yourself how some of our analytic tools work for your specific situation, we offer an online quick peek.

– Keyword Research – We know how to find the keywords and phrases will bring the most qualified traffic and conversions to your web site.

– Inbound Link Building – We show you how to increase the quantity and quality of relevant external web sites that link to pages on your web site in order to enhance your site’s visibility within search engines.

– Web site Content & Navigation Enhancements – Develop and enhance your web site’s content and navigational structure to make it more readily crawled & indexed by top search engines.

Web Design

In partnership with our world-wide confederation of partners and programmers, we can design and build an effective website for you. We have engineered and created over a dozen high-engagement websites and ecommerce platforms for our clients.

Strategic Plan

Everything we recommend is intended to support a long-term strategic plan. All of our client relationship endure for many years, even decades, because we take a long view on how to help your business or organization grow and prosper.

Our Services

We help organization grow and prosper by imposing our objective, customer focused approach to problem solving. We have built the blueprint for launching new online media products, marketing lists and profit centers for existing enterprises.
A we deliver effective copy and design, based on time-honor principles of human persuasion.
We offer hands-off, affordable execution of our plans. We know how and where to buy media and printed productions efficiently.

About Us

Pratt Direct is a one-of-a-kind marketing services resource. It was formed in 1998. From its inception it has been focused on delivering cost-effective solutions to smart marketer who demand accountability and expect positive results and continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us

We’re not affiliated with any other business or owner. This make us totally free to recommend only what’s in our clients’ best interests, since we are not formally connected to any other media or production companies.

We bring to bear decades of experience in matching up the right lists, offers, formats and messages for a wide variety of businesses or organizations. We’re experienced in the fields of financial services, insurance, fund raising, education and restaurants. .

40+ Years’ Experience
With over 40 years of experience serving large multi-national as well as small ‘mom & pop’ clients, we’ve seen a thing or two.