Multi-channel expertise

We’re proficient in both print and digital media. Some of you who have known us awhile may be surprised by this because we built the agency on the strength of decades of print media successes. However, times and the marketing landscape have changed since we opened our doors.

More and more marketing is done digitally today and we have evolved with the times, having amassed a growing number of successes in digital channels – winning email campaigns, ecommerce websites, paid search campaigns, and more.

Here is an overview of our current capabilities:

 Printed media  Digital media
 – Complete direct mail kits  – Web site design
 – Brochures  – Web page editing
 – Postcards  – Email message creative
 – Billboards and signage  – Email deployment
  – Greeting cards  – Search engine optimization
 – Paid Search solutions

At Pratt Direct, our focus has always been aimed at understanding the motivations and needs of your target audience. This focus is the engine of our creative development process. We know how to synchronize your message and value proposition with the motivations, needs and interests of your target audience(s) today.
More often than not, we advocate a segmented approach where different messages and offers are directed to discrete segments of your customer or prospect universe. One-size-fits-all communications are yesterday’s solutions. Don’t settle for anything less than a modern solution conceived and implemented by Pratt Direct.